A story about never ending inner combat between mind and heart

I’m alive

(composed by Colorful People)

Eu não vou

(composed by Colorful People)

The Place You Always Reach Me In

(Live version of our original song)

Don’t Lie

(live in Trenčín, Slovakia)

Elis Mraz & Colorful People

(live at TV Nova, Prague)

Support Lesbiens & Colorful People

(Colorful People as guest vocalists)

When the party’s over

Our rendition of a song by Billie Eilish

Chan Chan

(Colorful People performing song by Buena Vista Social Club)


(live in Kiel, Germany)

Muita Bobeira

Čo to za veselie

(Our arrangement of slovak traditional song)

Mensagem de amor

(Colorful People band live in Jazz Dock)

It Runs Thru Me

(live in Kiel, Germany)


(live in Kiel, Germany)